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Puckboard is a live, collaborative scheduling platform available to servicemembers around the globe on your desktop, phone, or tablet. Anywhere you have the internet!

Puckboard is fully accredited on the military network for your mission data, using the same account login as other Platform One apps such as Mattermost, and best of all - it's completely free!

Let us do the heavy lifting

Build a schedule in minutes, with customizable roles, event types, and conflict settings. View your squadron or unit roster while you’re building the schedule, and see in real time who is available for missions.

Learn what Puckboard can do for you

Event Volunteering

Easily request open positions on flights, sims, or ground events from your personal device, anywhere in the world...without needing a lengthy text chain to your schedulers.

Conflict Resolution

Quickly identify and resolve conflicts, even when crewmembers are scheduled separately by two different organizations.

Crew Availability

View available crewmembers before accidentally scheduling someone for two flights at the same time.

Access your schedule on your device

Puckboard is available anywhere you have internet access and a browser including your work computer, EFB, or personal phone. The mobile view is optimized for all devices, adding needed flexibility to your operations.

What's new in Puckboard?

Mobile Improvements

Access your schedule from any device with internet connection, make requests, and approve them all on your phone.

Multi-week View

View your schedule across multiple weeks with the click of a button, with easy filters available to view by personnel or event type.

Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes

Improvements to loading time and bug fixes for multiple features.

Restructured Permission Set

Added functionality for Squadron POCs and Organizational Admins, with greater flexibility to scale fast and securely.

Delete / Cancel Requests

Delete or cancel requests after review, improving communications within your squadron.

Puckboard Logging Beta

Puckboard Logging Beta Program, contact us to get involved!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Puckboard is a collaborative scheduling software that was created by an AF organization known as TRON, comprised of both active duty and guard/reserve military members that is hosted within the DoD’s cyber infrastructure. Puckboard is accessible on any device connected to the internet, both government devices on the military network as well as personal devices with any kind of civilian internet access around the globe. Puckboard was originally designed as a modern solution for flying units to efficiently schedule aircrew in a way that minimized input required by scheduling teams while maximizing visibility by the aircrew.

Puckboard utilizes the DoD’s Platform One (P1) architecture to provide secure, approved delivery of IL-4 data to any device. The P1 structure allows a user to login to hosted web apps using Single Sign On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA) such as Google Authenticator. Each user is capable of using either 1) a username + password + MFA or 2) CAC card + pin to log into any P1 hosted software from any regular web browser and URL. Some applications like Mattermost (MM) even have approved iOS and Android native apps.

Puckboard lives completely within the P1 framework and complies with all federal and DoD security requirements. They operate under the PartyBus continuous ATO and employ a cybersecurity method known as DevSecOps which bakes in security requirements at every step of the coding, testing, evaluation, and launch process. Puckboard currently operates at ImpactLevel 4 (IL-4) and each unit is responsible for ensuring their use case is capable of IL-4 dissemination. Our team can help answer any security questions and provide expanded security & ATO paperwork if requested.

Platform One ATO

Puckboard is currently paid for through a combination of AF level Innovation funds and Federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funds. The program is fully funded through 2023 and is gaining support at the MAJCOM level for Program of Record funding for the future.

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